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How to Buy Proper LED Strip Lights?

Elstar has a wide category of led strip lists that include all different LED sizes, color temperature, IP rating, lumen output, dimension, etc. Follow us through this post for the important factors for LED strip lighting and run through our full line of flexible LED strip. You will get what you want.


Other consideration

Logo or batch code print
All the strip PCB will be printed with production date, so any problems that may arise in future can be traced back easily. If need logo or batch code printing, the MOQ request is 1000 meters.
Strip length
The regular length for all strip items are 5m per reel, other customized length is available depends on the strip type.
Color of the strip
Our LED strips come in a wide range of single colors like white/green/blue/yellow/orange, as well as multi-color strip RGB or RGBW.
LED strip connector
We carry a large selection of connectors, clips, end caps for different IP level strips.
Aluminium profile:
Dozens of high quality aluminium LED profiles and components for led strip lights, cusomize length and painting color available.


Welcome to know about our LED strips. Thank you!


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